Monday, June 7, 2010

Get ready for a major drop in the DJIA tomorrow Be sure to buy puts... if you like options, i suggest again "dxd", and if you like stocks buy puts on "dndn" and "wynn".. Good luck thanks for the support.. and to those with the negative comments this isn't meant to offend anyone. Just a courtesy website used for people who trade stocks and are serious. Enjoy all!!


  1. This site is offensive to anyone who is educated and has at least 2 weeks experience in finance.

  2. WoW Mr. Anonymouos - yu just made yourself look real stupid in just a few hours! The Puts in DNDN and WYNN are up huge! More in a day than most are making in a year! You wish you had those picks! Get a LIFE! Buy the Calls in WYNN and DNDN and get rich taking the opposite side of the trade if you are so smart! You will lose your ass!

  3. thank you Bill, happy my picks helped you, everything is on point as it was yesterday major profits turning up on "GDX" ultra gold short!!!

  4. Jack... do you understand the relationship between math and performance in finance. Define "major profit" you idiot.

  5. Hey- "Learn Finance"
    DO you even know what Put options are?
    June DNDN Puts for .60 went to 2.40
    300% in 2 days is more than a major profit.
    You are the idiot. At least wait for a loser before you make yourself look dumb.