Thursday, June 10, 2010

Big celebration at marquee club in Manhattan tonight.. any followers that enjoy nightlfe.. feel free to say Jack Klein's list at door for complimentary admission...

Price of gold will continue to drop for only a short period of time make sure you get in and out at right time on your puts.. but remember gold steadily has been going up for past 12 years. Gold is a freight train so be careful when putting yourself in its way..


  1. Is it true that your celebrating your addiction to shorting metals?

  2. Hey Jack,

    I'll be at the club tonight. Look for the big burly man decked out in Gold from head to toe. Because we all know you like gold all over your body.

  3. Jack,

    I got that gold if you got that crack. Hook it up. If you're lucky, I'll tell people you "shorted" me.

  4. Partying and finance? This sounds straight!June 10, 2010 at 7:01 PM

    How fuck do you combine financial advice and partying? This is real credible shit right here. I am sure mad followers aka Bruce the Homo won't leave you alone tonight.

  5. Hey Guys,

    Bruce, I'm so happy to get the chance to finally have you meet my asshole tonight. It's going to be delightful. So guys, lets get down to brass tats. Gold is looking good. My analysis is that it's shiny. Now remember, there was a gold rush back in the 1600's in Kansas City,Canada. Now, people are looking for something to mine nowadays because mining is driving the prices of cows down. So I'm predicting the next gold rush to happen in the 5th quarter of 2010. If you guys are ready to make some serious money just remember:

    "Sometimes it takes more than being a man with a tiny dick to start a blog about financial recommendations"

  6. Jack,

    Last night was....well it was ok. Maybe next time you can use less gold on me.

  7. Thanks to all my followers who showed last night! It was so great seeing all of my imaginary followers in one club! We were throwing monopoly bucks around like whoa!!!! Lets short the club next time!!!!

  8. Listen dude, I need you to stop telling people to Short me. I can't deal with the pressure to underperform. I mean look at me, I'm number 79 on the fucking periodic table. I can't be all tough like Hydrogen at number 1 bro.

  9. The whore you bought to celebrate starting this blogJune 11, 2010 at 10:56 AM


    I need you to pay for my herp med. You've been lacking on the payments. Don't make me get Bad Larry involved.

  10. Jack,

    Are you to fucking stupid to realize no1 gives a flying fuck about your blog?

  11. Hey eat shit,

    I understand that my knowledge may be too much for you to handle. Trust me, I wake up every morning wondering how I became so gifted at finance. Well, let's get to it.So today, the markets are down, just like i predicted, just like i always predict the markets will tank. You may be asking yourself, "Jack what the fuck are you talking about or Jack, how many times did sniff glue when you're a kid". Well the answer is 6. Investors are scared of the Mexicans right now due to their ability to control the credit markets. As we all know, they started the credit crisis by blowing up the Alamo so I'm predicting a huge financial jump in TMM. Remember the Alamo guys. And remember:

    "The cow dressed up like a clown is usually into fashion"